Teacher Certification and Testing – Tennessee

Teaching candidates applying for certification in the state of Tennessee must take and pass two Praxis tests.

In order to receive an initial teaching license in Tennessee, prospective teachers must take and pass the Praxis II exam for the subject area or areas in which they are requesting endorsement.

Applicants for teaching certification in Tennessee are also required to submit passing scores for the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) Praxis exam.

Teaching candidates seeking licensure in the following areas are required to complete the appropriate Praxis II subject area exam only and are not required to take the Praxis PLT exam:

  • School Counselor PreK–12
  • School Psychologist PreK–12
  • School Social Worker PreK–12
  • Speech/Language Pathology PreK–12

Candidates may be required to take the Praxis I Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST) in reading, writing, and math prior to entering their bachelor’s degree program.

If a teacher wishes to add a new endorsement area to an existing Tennessee teaching license, the Praxis II subject area exam must be taken and passed in order to obtain the additional endorsement.

Praxis Teacher Certification Test – Tennessee

Alternative Routes to Certification:

Teaching candidates applying for licensure under alternate routes must meet the same testing requirements as candidates in traditional programs.

Exemption from Testing:

A candidate who holds a current license from a state recognized by Tennessee through the Interstate Educator Certification and License Agreement may be exempt from the Praxis testing requirements in order to obtain a Tennessee license.

Out-of-state applicants who have completed approved college or university teacher education programs for their endorsement areas or who have taught for at least three out of the last seven years may also be exempt from testing.

Exemption from testing for initial teaching certification in Tennessee may be available if a candidate has held a full educator license in any other state and has not been employed as a teacher in Tennessee.

For further information or clarification about exemption from testing contact the Office of Teacher Licensing.

Tennessee Department of Education – Teacher Licensing Division