Teacher Certification and Testing – Massachusetts

In order to become certified as a teacher in the state of Massachusetts, prospective teachers must take and pass the MTEL test.

The MTEL test is the Massachusetts Test for Educator Licensure.

The MTEL test is administered by NESINC (Pearson) on behalf of the Massashusetts Department of Education.

The MTEL includes a subject area test, and the MTEL subject test meets the subject matter test requirement for each type of educator license.

There are different types of MTEL exams for the various academic subjects in which candidates seek certification.

There are also other requirements for obtaining an educator license in Massachusetts, such as passing the MTEL Communication and Literacy Skills test.

In other words, one purpose of the MTEL test is to evaluate the prospective teacher’s abilities in reading comprehension and writing.

Another purpose of the MTEL is to assess the teaching candidate’s subject area knowledge.

The MTEL tests contain multiple-choice items, as well as short-answer items.

The short-answer questions on the MTEL are open-response style questions that require problem solving or essay writing.

Foreign language teaching applications will also need to take tests in listening and reading comprehension in the foreign language, as well as successfully pass an oral interview in the foreign language.

Teaching certification applications should visit the official MTEL website at the following link for further information:

MTEL Teacher Certification Test – Official Site – Pearson NESINC

Teaching license applicants must hold a bachelor’s degree.

Applicants must also have completed a Massachusetts educator preparation program or an alternative program.

Initial Teaching Licenses in Masachusetts are valid for 5 years of employment.

The initial teaching license may be extended one time for 5 additional years of employment.

Additional coursework may be required for teaching certification applicants who have not completed Approved Educator Preparation Program.

Applicants may contact the Massachusetts Department of Education liaison at their college or university for program completion requirements.

Prospective teachers should submit an application to the Office of Educator Licensure in order to obtain a complete evaluation of the license requirements for their particular area.

Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education – Teacher Certification