Teacher Certification and Testing – Illinois

Teacher certification testing in the state of Illinois is called the ICTS – Illinois Certification Testing System.

The ICTS certification test is adminstered by Pearson (NESINC) on behalf of the Illinois State Board of Education.

Prospective teachers in the state of Illinois must take and pass the test of Academic Proficiency.

The Academic Proficiency Test was formerly known as the Basic Skills Test.

Separate tests are given in reading comprehension, language arts and writing, and math.

Each part of the Academic Proficiency teacher certification test consists of multiple-choice questions.

The language arts and writing test also includes a written assignment.

Prospective teachers can find score scales, test information, and practice tests on the official ICTS website.

The Illinois Certification Testing System website also has sample essays for the written assignment portion of the language arts and writing test.

Illinois Teacher Certification Test – Illinois Certification Testing System

Candidates for certification may not receive their ICTS scores if they have used an incorrect social security number when registering or testing.

A maximum of five attempts is permitted when taking the ICTS teacher certification test.

Prospective teachers can visit the Illinois State Board of Education website for a free copy of the Teacher Certification Requirements Handbook.

All education and subject-area courses required for an Illinois teaching certificate must have been passed with a grade of no lower than a C.

Grades of P (Pass) or S (Satisfactory) will be accepted for Illinois teacher certification only if verification is provided by the college or university registrar, or the Dean of the College of Education, certifying that the grades are equivalent to a C or higher.

Out-of-state teaching certificate applicants seeking Illinois teacher certification should download the out-of-state application checklist, provided on the Illinois State Board of Education website.

The out-of-state certification checklist is provided in downloadable PDF format.

The Illinois State Board of Education website also has a current list of teaching vacancies in Illinois schools for grades K to 12.

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